13 Best Wineries in Kentucky

Are you looking for the next destination for your winery tour? Well, Kentucky might be the place for you. The state has many wines, wineries, and vineyards for wine lovers. To add, they have some of the best ones in the country.

However, we know that words alone might not cut it. With that, allow us to tour you then! Our words might not be enough to convince you, but our list of the 13 best wineries in Kentucky might!

Let us go ahead and check out the first winery on this list!

1. Lovers Leap Vineyards and Winery

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Lovers Leap is one of the oldest wineries on our list, having been in the industry for around two decades now and nearing its third. This family-owned winery boasts of its limestone base that supposedly bears semblance to Bordeaux soil.

Being a winery committed to quality, they house some wines made of grapes with worldwide fame. As you can see, if it is quality and excellence you are looking for, Lovers Leap is undoubtedly a winery you want to consider adding to your list.


2. Brooks Hill Winery

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Kentucky Top Winery

Brooks Hill is the winery to visit if you want to be somewhere warm and cozy. It is a little winery up a hill that offers charming wines, like their Lili’s Red, and stunning views to match.

Here, you can sip some wine while walking in the woods, reading a book, or simply relaxing in front of the fireplace. This winery is an ideal stop for anyone looking for some wine and some peace.


3. Rising Sons Home Farm Winery

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Kentucky Good Winery

Rising Sons Home Farm Winery has some sweet wines, service, and ambiance. The tasting is also a sweet deal! Not only do you get a generous pour, but you will also get some treats to go with the drinks. Speaking of treats, make sure you try out their wine jelly.

It is something you do not want to miss. If you have the time, you might also want to look for Francine. She can share some wine wisdom, the family history, or even just some laughs and gags! For hospitality, this one is your winery!


4. Talon Winery & Vineyards

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Talon is the winery you want to consider if you want some wine and a good time. They have lots of space that can allow you to have a good stroll if your idea of a good time is some peace and quiet.

On the other hand, you might want to time your visit on a weekend if your idea of a good time involves music and tunes. However you define a good time, Talon can likely help you with that, along with a glass of wine.


5. Forest Edge Winery

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Kentucky Good Wineries

Forest Edge is a winery that offers peculiar wines, making them an ideal stop if you are feeling adventurous.

For one, they have the Chocca-con for chocolate and wine lovers. As you can tell, it is a mix of the two!

On the other hand, they have the Forest Fire for something hot. Have you ever seen chili in your wine before?

However, it is their Sweet Strawberry Delight and Black Cherry Pomegranate you do not want to miss when you visit!


6. Verona Vineyards

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Good Winery in Kentucky

Verona Vineyards is a family-owned farm winery that offers some award-winning estate wines. With that, it is a winery you want to add to the list if you are looking for some wines that can tickle your tastebuds.

When you visit, do not forget to try and take home a bottle of Cabernet Franc! You do not want to miss this wine variety of theirs. It has been racking up recognition and awards, after all!


7. Atwood Hill Winery & Vineyard

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Top wineries in kentucky

Atwood Hill is a winery with a vast wine selection and history. It might be one of the most recently opened wineries, but the land has a long story to share. From once growing tobacco, it now sports a variety of vines.

It does not stop there, though. From once only having French hybrid varieties, they now have an American variety. With all that, who is to say it will stop there? If you want a winery that keeps on growing and giving, Atwood Hill is a winery you want to consider!


8. Equus Run Vineyards

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Equus Run is the first winery and vineyard of Woodford County, Kentucky, making it an ideal stop if you are in it for the state’s wine history. However, that is not the only reason to give them a visit.

Their land is also known as a hidden treasure of the US, and of course, we cannot forget to mention their wines! With their deep limestone shelves and loamy soils, they can offer patrons and visitors an array of wines you do not want to miss out on!


9. Seven Wells Vineyard & Winery

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Top winery in kentucky

Seven Wells is a winery you want to consider if you are looking for an assortment of wines. This winery claims to have enough diversity to suit every taste, making them an ideal stop if you are with a large group.

Here, everyone will likely find something to tickle their tastebuds! When you stop by, and a wine name gets your attention, do not hesitate to ask if there is a story behind it. There probably is, and an interesting one at that!


10. Wildside Winery

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Kentucky, Top Wineries

Wildside is a winery you want to consider adding to your list if you are in it for the aesthetics, picturesque views, and charming wines. As you can see, it is not only a winery to visit.

It is also an ideal winery to check out for a pair of wine-loving lovers! A wedding or any event at that will most likely be memorable here. Not only because of all the lovely sceneries but because of their award-winning wines too!


11. Brianza Gardens & Winery

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Nestled in the north of Kentucky is Brianza. This winery offers beauty and variety not only with its wines. With their sceneries too! It is the winery you want to check out if you want to fill your weekend or holiday with some wine and a good time.

Aside from their wine selection and many sceneries, they also offer a variety of sites where you can settle down for a time with some wine. Here, you can relax and never be too far away from your next glass!


12. Baker-Bird Winery

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Trendy Winery in Kentucky

Baker-Bird is a winery that should make it on any winery tour in Kentucky for more reasons than one. First, it houses not only the largest but also the oldest registered wine cellar in the country.

On the other hand, it also boasts of being the only winery to survive a Civil War Battle. As you can see, they have a rich wine history to share. However, it does not end there, of course! They have over 100 medals to brag about. With that, you can also expect some delectable wines here!


13. Purple Toad Winery

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Trendy Wineries in Kentucky

Purple Toad, like good wine, took some time to be ready. While they were already planting in the 1990s, it took almost a decade to open their doors to the public.

However, like wine, the wait was worth it! It became the first winery in Paducah, Kentucky. Also, they are one of the largest wineries in the state.

We recommend you try the Cotton Candy and Midnight Blue when you visit!


Final Words

That concludes our Kentucky winery tour. We hope this list of the 13 best wineries in Kentucky was able to help you decide if it is the state for you. If it is, we also hope this list got to help you decide on your stops!

Kentucky has many wineries to offer wine lovers, but it is not the only state that does. To add, wineries might not dot the other states, but they have some hidden gems you do not want to miss out on!

With that, you might want to head on over to our other discussions to discover the treasures of the other states!

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