Wine vs. Champagne: What’s the Difference

Wine and Champagne are great beverages that we enjoy at most formal events. Their sparkling and bubbly appearance makes them the star of the show during a toast. And while many confuse the two, each has unique characteristics that make them different from the other. Today, we will decipher the statement why Champagne is considered … Read more


How to Open a Wine Bar? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Do you want to translate your passion wines into a business? You may go into distribution or retail. However, if you like to experience the vibrant energies of the F & B industry, a wine bar would be a great idea. To help you get started with this venture, we’ve come up with a guide … Read more

Warm Climate vs. Cool Climate Wines

During Holidays or even on a regular night, a bottle of wine on a dining table makes everything fancier. However, some of us need help deciding what wine could catch the hearts of our guests. You may feel overwhelmed with many wine selections, thus, checking fruit notes and alcohol content may help you choose the … Read more

6 Guaranteed Tips to Design & Make a Wine Label Like a Pro

Wine labels are nothing but the wine’s mouthpiece. It tells us everything: the wine’s brand, producer, taste, and flavor. So, whether you need to design and create a wine label for your growing business, homemade creations, or holiday gifts, worry no more! In this blog, we’re here to guide you with six guaranteed tips to … Read more


How To Pair Wines With Chili? (Tips & Best Picks)

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How to Pair Wine with Dessert

How to Pair Wine with Dessert?

Pairing wine with a savory dish is one thing, and pairing wine with dessert is another thing and could possibly be a more challenging job. Flavors can be very close to each other, so it takes another level of detail regarding flavor differentiation and pairing. Here are some things to note on how to pair … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to the Wine Flavor Profile

Defining a wine’s flavor profile can be challenging. The average consumer may need clarification on some wine-tasting terms. Several factors also affect how it will register on one’s palate. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a sommelier to understand and appreciate wine flavors. This article will guide you in identifying and understanding a wine’s flavor … Read more

Barolo vs. Barbaresco What's the Difference

Barolo vs. Barbaresco: What’s the Difference?

The Nebbiolo grape produces two iconic Italian wines, Barolo and Barbaresco. These dry reds have some similar qualities, but they also share some differences. This article will help you decide who wins in the Barolo vs. Barbaresco “battle”. Do both wines deserve a space in your cellar? Read on and find out. Differences in Origin … Read more

Facts on Wine Legs Myth, Meaning, & Importance

Facts on Wine Legs: Myth, Meaning, & Importance

There’s a wine phrase circulating the internet that might sound weird at first blush. The term is “wine legs.” There are a lot of stories and mysteries hanging around it. So, what exactly are wine legs? What is its importance in the sommelier’s world? In this blog, we’ve got to explain facts about wine legs … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Best Wine Tasting Party at Home

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Best Wine Tasting Party at Home

Hosting a wine-tasting party is a fantastic opportunity to create memories with your loved ones and friends while discovering new wine varieties. On top of that, you can explore wine styles in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a simple wine lover or trying to be a pro, there’s no stopping you from hosting … Read more