15 Best Wines Go With Lasagna

It is no doubt that one of the best Italian dishes in the world is none other than lasagna. People over the world love its delicious taste. But every meal’s taste, even lasagna, would be best enjoyed when paired with your favorite wine.

However, you don’t want a wine that would ruin the balance of your lasagna dish. In this write-up, we’ve made a ranking and offer you the 15 Best Wine to go With Lasagna.

Best Wines Go With Lasagna

Tips on Choosing the Best Wine to go With lasagna

Before anything else, here are a few quick tips on how you will pick the best wine to pair with lasagna. Of course, we don’t want a wine to overpower the taste of our favorite lasagna meal. To discover a suitable wine, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Select a wine with more acidity than your lasagna meal.
  2. Red wine is the best pair for meaty-based lasagna. Meanwhile, white wines would complement vegetable lasagna.
  3. Avoid wines with higher tannin and aged oaked wines.

What are the Best Wines for Lasagna?

Without further ado, here’s a brief overview of the wines you could have with your favorite lasagna. Let’s discover the do’s and don’ts of wine and lasagna pairing together.

Type of Wine Name Best Lasagna Pair
White Wine Vermentino · Pesto-based Lasagna

· Olive oil, pine nut, and cheese-based lasagna

Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon · Tomato sauce-based Lasagna
Red Wine Pinot Noir · Fish lasagna

· Vegetable lasagna

Red Wine Primitivo · Cheddar cheese-based lasagna

· Vegetable lasagna

Tomato-based Lasagna

White Wine Sauvignon Blanc · Vegetarian lasagna
Red Wine Merlot · Meaty Lasagna

· Mushroom, bacon, & pancetta-based lasagna

White Wine Riesling · Milky-cream Lasagna

· Spicy Lasagna

· Mushroom lasagna

Red Wine Sangiovese · Tomato-based lasagna
White Wine Prosecco · Cheese-based lasagna

· Tomato-based lasagna

Red Wine Grenache · Heavy spice or herb-based lasagna
Red Wine Zinfandel · Tomato-sauce & beef-based lasagna
White Wine Soave · Fish or seafood-based lasagna
White Wine Chablis · Vegetable & less-spicy lasagna
Rose Wine Bellavista · Veggie & fish-based Lasagna
Red Wine Chianti Classico · Vegetable lasagna

1. Vermentino


Featuring a fresh almond taste with a fruity scent, Vermentino is a white wine that goes well with lasagna. Because of its bitter taste, Vermentino is truly a perfect match for olive oil, cheese-made, and pine nut lasagnas.

On top of that, this white wine would blend well with strong lasagna sauces such as pesto. However, Vermentino is not the best option for sweeter meat and vegetable lasagna because of its sharp, bitter taste. Its natural bitterness may dominate this kind of lasagna recipe.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

The primary taste of Cabernet Sauvignon features mint, cherry, vanilla, and tobacco. Aside from its unique combinations, this red wine is well-loved because of its spice and coffee notes.

You can have a medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with tomato sauce-based lasagna recipes. Due to its natural acidic blend, Cabernet will balance out the rich flavor of tomato-sauce lasagna.

3. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a famous red wine that makes an ideal match for fish, vegetable, and mushroom lasagna. Because of its mildly acidic, light, and smooth taste, this red wine would not overpower any main dish.

On top of that, Pinot Noir develops fruity undertones like cherry and strawberry when aged and preserved. Indeed, Pinot Noir is a perfect wine for creamy lasagnas.

So, the next time you want to celebrate and have lasagna, you can never go wrong with Pinot Noir!

4. Primitivo


Because of its medium acidity and low tannin levels, Primitivo is an easy-going and smooth wine. If you’re looking for an excellent red wine to pair with Lasagna, Primitivo will never disappoint. This Italian red wine is an ideal match for tomato-based lasagnas.

In addition, Primitivo would go well with lasagna dishes having grilled veggies like mushrooms, onions, and eggplants. You can also have this red wine with cheddar cheese lasagnas.

5. Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

A delicious vegetarian lasagna would perfectly blend with a dry, lighter white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc. Because of its fruity notes like citrus fruits, pear, grapefruit, and peach hints plus spicy traces, this white is a perfect fit for veggie-based lasagna.

6. Merlot


Here’s another red wine making it to our list of best wine pairs of lasagna. Merlot is a light-bodied, smooth, and soft wine with lower tannins. Overall, this famous red wine has a fruity sweetness.

Being an all-around drink, full-bodied Merlots would blend well with meaty lasagna recipes. Meanwhile, light-bodied Merlots are an excellent match for mushroom, bacon, and pancetta lasagna.

7. Riesling


Are you looking for a wine that would provide a delicious taste to your lasagna? Riesling is something you will never regret!

This zesty white wine would make a perfect pair for spicy and milky cream-based lasagnas. Further, Riesling will be an excellent match for mushroom-stuff lasagna recipes.

8. Sangiovese


If you like to enjoy a neutral wine that would go well with your favorite Lasagna, Sangiovese is a fantastic drink. The crowd loves this famous red wine because it’s food-friendly.

Generally speaking, because Sangiovese is not too light or too robust, it’s one of the excellent wines you can have for private, intimate events.

You can have this red wine matched with meat and tomato-based lasagna recipes. On top of that, it would also go well with lasagna recipes made up of cheeses, garlic, and basil pesto.

9. Prosecco


Originating from Italy, Prosecco is an irresistible wine perfect for lasagna recipes. This wine has two types known as rose and sparkling wines. However, while these two types execute different tastes, they are perfect for other lasagna recipes.

Because of its mild sweetness and highly acidic taste, Prosecco pairs well with classic tomato-based lasagna recipes. Meanwhile, Rose wines, which can be found within the Prosecco category, are famous for their dryness.

So, this type of Prosecco wine would be an ideal match for cheese-based lasagnas since it can minimize the greasy feeling of having too much cheese. And also, since lasagna is already sweet because of the tomato, you should pick Prosecco that is dry as much as possible.

10. Grenache


Next on our list is another red wine that would go well with lasagna. Grenache is a dry, medium-bodied wine having more acidity. This red wine executes fruity flavors with hints of red grapes, dried herbs, and licorice.

Because of its unique flavors, Grenache would go well with lasagna recipes stuffed with eggplants and bechamel sauce. Also, you will never regret pairing Grenache with heavy-spiced lasagna recipes.

11. Zinfandel


Zinfandel, a Californian red wine, is a beautiful pair of lasagna recipes made with beef, layers of noodles, and the classic tomato-based lasagna. Since this type of wine has a smoky taste, refreshing fruity aroma, and light sweetness, it will be an all-in-one wine for lasagna.

However, once you match this wine with your favorite lasagna, it is best to look for the regular and mid-priced versions. Since expensive ones have solid oak flavor and higher alcohol, they could dominate the classic taste of lasagna.

But overall, Zinfandel is an ideal red wine that can hold up the vegetables, meat, and layers of cheese found in lasagna.

12. Soave



Soave wine will work wonders with lasagna recipes made of fish and seafood. You will never go wrong when you blend Soave wine with pesto lasagna meal.

Soave’s fruity, honey, and savory sweetness will support seafood lasagnas. On top of that, it is excellent to use Soave wine when having lasagna because it is affordable. Indeed, this is a great white wine you could ask for in a lasagna meal.

13. Chablis



Chablis is a crisp and lean wine grown initially in Burgundy, France. This white wine is famous for its floral scents and fruity flavors with hints of pear, citrus, and apple. When aged, Chablis will develop a fantastic, buttery taste.

Because of its flavor profile, Chablis wine is the perfect fit for vegetable lasagna meals and less spicy lasagna dishes.

14. Bellavista


Bellavista is a sparkling rose wine made of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc. With its fresh, savory, vanilla, and fruity aroma, Bellavista gained the reputation of complementing dish made of fish.

So, suppose you want to try to serve Bellavista along with lasagna recipes. In that case, it is best to pair it with vegetables and fish lasagna recipes.

15. Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico

We all can agree that lasagna is a delicious meal. But most of the time, when you enjoy this pasta dish, you may start to feel greasy. With its acidic flavor, Chianti Classico is the perfect red wine to balance the taste left by lasagna recipes.

Chianti Classico features smokey, fruity, earthy, and herby flavors. Because of these flavors, this red wine supports every ingredient of your lasagna dishes like herbs, mushrooms, meat, garlic, onions, and bell peppers. So, give Chianti Classico a shot the next time you’re eating lasagna.

Final Thoughts on Best Wine to go With Lasagna

Indeed, we can best enjoy the delicious taste of lasagna if we know the right wine that goes well with it. We hope you like our list of 15 Best Wines to go with Lasagna. Do you have any lasagna and wine pairing ideas? What is your experience with it? Kindly share it with us; we would love to hear about it!

Wines Go With Lasagna

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