13 Best Wineries in South Carolina (with Photos & Maps)

South Carolina is home to the Muscadine grape. It produces an extraordinarily aromatic and uniquely sweet wine. The 13 best wineries in South Carolina offer this drink, plus other European white and red options. If you’re planning on discovering the state, you may want to add these attractions to your itinerary.

Mercer House Winery

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Best Restaurants in South Carolina Mercer House Winery

This estate winery lies between Gilbert and Lexington in South Carolina. It’s a 12-acre property that grows more than 50 native grape varietals. The winery uses all-natural and 100 % organic fruits to produce wine. Additionally, its production process involves eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Visitors share that the laid-back setting is an excellent spot for tastings and good conversations. Aside from  Muscadine, it also offers other unique fruit-based wine concoctions. It has well-kept vineyard grounds and a pet-friendly fitness trail. You can tour the area in a golf cart and end your day on the patio.


City Scape Winery

$$ | (864) 329-0615 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in South Carolina City Scape Winery

A couple passionate about wines nurtured this venue to what it is today. Their years of travel, research, and product development led to various wine creations. The winery utilizes a unique approach to creating fruit-infused wines in small batches.

You can taste these concoctions in the charming and cozy tasting room. The attentive and friendly guides can walk you through the whole process. City Scape has limited but tasty food options that best pair with the wines.

You can have fun listening to live music and enjoying food truck offerings every weekend. You can also sign up for classes if you want to learn more about the art of winemaking.


Cat’s Paw Winery

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The peaceful York County is home to the Cat’s Paw Winery. The sprawling property produces 18 red and white wine varieties. They’re crafted in small batches to preserve the drink’s integrity and quality. Voted as the top winery in South Carolina by Choice Wineries, it offers Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and other fruit-based wines.

It takes pride in its delicious and smooth concoctions made with real fruit juices and natural well water. You can enjoy tasting sessions inside the bar or outside on the patio. Named after the owner’s pet cat, the winery also hosts three rescues that delight visitors and pet lovers.



Enoree River Vineyards and Winery

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South Carolina Best Restaurants Enoree River Vineyards and Winery

This intimate and relaxing winery is a 30-minute drive from the state capital. It lies in what locals call the “center of the universe” or Newberry County. It offers handcrafted wines from locally harvested and  100% real fruit juice. Visitors can taste an array of Vinifera, Muscadine, and blended wines.

During the warm season, the winery offers refreshing wine slushies. You can attend a wine tasting session in the Upper Room or enjoy a beautiful view of the vineyard on the covered porch. It hosts a yearly Newberry Harvest Festival highlighted by food trucks, local vendors, and live music.


Duplin Winery

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Founded in 1976, this family-owned winery is the largest and oldest in the South. It’s famous for its friendly and knowledgeable staff and tour guides. The bartender will graciously explain the winery’s history and make recommendations. She’ll also describe each wine from every flight you order.

You’ll get the chance to witness the hand-bottling techniques. Choose from a wide array of wines and drink your favorite on the porch. There’s also live music and outdoor space for picnics. After strolling the grounds, you can visit the gift shop to buy accessories and wine.


La Belle Amie Vineyard

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South Carolina Best Restaurant La Belle Amie Vineyard

Music and wine lovers unite at this laidback and charming vineyard. You can trace its rich history to the South of France. The owner’s ancestors started the legacy of creative winemaking and passed it on to family members. It is home to fun-filled musical festivals, outdoor food fairs, and wine-tasting sessions.

Its Twisted Sisters wine collection comes from the finest grapes in its vineyards. You can stroll 40 acres of its beautiful grounds and end your day by shopping in the gift store.


Carolina Vineyards Winery

$ | (843) 361-9181 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in South Carolina Carolina Vineyards Winery

This homey and relaxing winery is located in the iconic Barefoot Landing. Established in 1999, this boutique winery is a favorite stop for locals and tourists. It offers a wide array of sweet, dry, and holiday wines. For only $6, you could taste seven wines from its collection.

The staff and bartenders always warmly welcome and even offer extra servings. Visitors also rave about the wine smoothies that are perfect after a stroll in the village. You purchase wine from its extensive collection to bring home. People can buy their wines and drink them while shopping in Barefoot Landing stores.


Three Star Vineyard and Orchard

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Restaurant in South Carolina Three Star Vineyard and Orchard

This family-owned and operated winery has been operating for more than 30 years. It is South Carolina’s biggest grower and supplier of Scuppernong and Muscadine grapes. These unique grape varieties grew in their vast vineyard and were harvested manually.

Nestled in the vineyard’s center is the tasting room where visitors can sample a flight composed of Pinot Grigio, Pinotage, and other homegrown wines. You could enjoy live music from local bands while you enjoy food from several food trucks. It would be nice to purchase wines, jams, salsa, and jellies from its charming gift shop.


Lazy Bear Winery

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Owned by a veteran couple, this winery specializes in various fruit wines. It has received more than 30 awards since its inception in 2015. This startup winery exudes beautiful, simple living reflected by the owners’ principles. It is smaller than the other venues in the region.

However, it takes pride in its highly-acclaimed meads and wines. It offers wine tasting sessions from Thursdays to Saturdays. You can make special arrangements for other days. Lazy Bear also sells candles inspired by the various wine flavors. You can buy them at the gift shop together with the wines.


Wellborn Winery

$$ | (407) 808-4711 | WEBSITE

South Carolina Restaurants Wellborn Winery

This small-scale craft winery opened its doors in 2018. Its owners derived inspiration from the old-school techniques of their  Italian ancestors. Meanwhile, it produces wine from grapes harvested from its three vineyards. Sometimes, it sources fruits from neighboring growers.

One of its concoctions, the Lily White, won the Best Estate-Grown Wine in South Carolina. It also won several other local and regional awards. This relaxing spot has a rustic and cozy atmosphere. You’ll have a great time talking with the owners about their experiences and wines in general. The available wines for tasting include Red, white, rose, fruit, and dessert wines.


Elevation 966 Winery

$$ | (864) 349-9538 | WEBSITE

Along Airport Road conveniently lies a chic winery designed to have an industrial feel. This boutique location serves a wide array of house blend wine. It offers Malbec, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and red and white blends. New and seasoned wine drinkers can ask for recommendations from their knowledgeable staff.

You can pair your wine with their delicious cheese selection. Order a tall glass of wine slushie if you want to freshen up after a long day of touring. For only $10, you can get a wine flight with four wine options. You can choose from a preselected group or create your own.


Old Rock Quarry Winery

$ | (864) 969-9566 | WEBSITE


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Nestled in 3 acres of lush greenery is this welcoming winery. You can enjoy handcrafted wines created in small batches. Its unique winemaking process and dedication to quality resulted in award-winning concoctions. Meanwhile, the relaxed, laidback environment reflects the famous Southern hospitality.

You’ll feel right at home in the rustic country setting. You can keep warm near the fire pit when the weather becomes chilly as you drink your favorite wine. You can celebrate milestones during its monthly music and food truck festival. Expect to pay $7 for seven types of wine. It’s an excellent price for a fantastic experience.


Victoria Valley Vineyards

$$ | (864) 878-5307 | WEBSITE

Travel to Europe without leaving the US through Victoria Valley Vineyards. It offers European Vinifera wines that you can enjoy in a French chateau-style environment. The owners, the Jayne family,  showed their love for nature in the decor and ambiance of the place. It has a deli, a tasting room, and a gift shop to indulge in life’s pleasures.

Its signature Viognier and 2019 signature Merlot are some of the guests’ favorites. You can pair the wines with the cheese plate from the cafe. The Reuben sandwich is also a must-have, according to several visitors.


Cheers to South Carolina

The 13 best wineries in South Carolina reflect the state’s fertile land and welcoming atmosphere. These local spots offer handcrafted drinks for novice and seasoned wine drinkers. A notable treat is the wine slushies. They’re perfect after lounging at Myrtle Beach or shopping at Barefoot Landing.

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