Does Wine Freeze?

Perhaps, you have some wine left after a party. Maybe you’ve opened a bottle and drank only one glass. Storing leftover wine in the freezer seems to be an unconventional choice. However, is it possible? Does wine freeze? This article reveals what will happen to frozen wine and if it still retains all its properties. … Read more

How Long Does Box Wine Last?

How Long Does Box Wine Last

Going around a liquor store is always a fun experience. There are just so many alcoholic beverages to choose from. Perhaps one of the most intriguing items is the box wine. What’s it all about exactly? And how long does box wine last? What’s A Box Wine? Many people are so used to drinking wine … Read more

10 Best Wineries in San Antonio, TX

10 Best Wineries in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas has miles of loam soil perfect for cultivating vineyards, and a few of these wineries stand out. These places not only house your favorite red, white, or sparkling wine; you can also have a romantic picnic date in their yard. You can visit these wineries on your own, or book a wine … Read more

How Many Beers in a Bottle of Wine?

How Many Beers in a Bottle of Wine

Although it’s a common misconception, most beers do not have more alcohol content than wine. With the comparisons, we can see how many beers are there in a bottle of wine. Whether it’s based on the ABV or pint, we will explain it all in-depth. How Many Pints of Beer in a 750ml Bottle of … Read more

Who Invented Wine?

Who Invented Wine

Wine’s history dates back 60 million years. Its fascinating story can make you wonder who invented wine. According to historians and scientists, there isn’t a sole inventor. Instead, ancient people discovered how overripe grapes ferment and become glorious liquid. This article will walk you through the earliest days of wine and its impact on civilization. … Read more

5 Best Wines Pair with Blue Cheese

Do you love wine and blue cheese but are unsure if they go well? Worry less, and stop wondering what wine pairs with blue cheese because we’ve covered you! Read on and find out the best wine for blue cheeses. Best Wines to Pair with Blue Cheese Pairing wine with blue cheese might be a little … Read more

5 Best Wines to Pair With Chinese Cuisine

Best Wines to Pair With Chinese Cuisine

Do wine and Chinese cuisine go together? Definitely! However, as you probably already know, there are many types of wines and Chinese dishes out there. It can be overwhelming figuring out what wine goes well with what meal. Well, you do not have to worry. We have simplified everything and have chosen five wines for … Read more

12 Best Wineries in and Near Kansas City

12 Best Wineries in and Near Kansas City

Do you want to tour some wineries? If so, you might want to consider Kansas City, Missouri. Wine, wineries, and vineyards might not be the first things to come to mind when one thinks of the city, but they offer some really good ones! If you’re not convinced yet, allow us to take you on … Read more