How Long Does Wine Last? (Opened or Unopened, Red & White)

Did you know that wine goes terrible too? Yes, that is why in this post, we will talk about how long does wine last, specifically the opened, unopened, red, and white wine! Not everyone understands the hard truth about wine going bad. Most people think that they can store it forever!

How Long Does Wine Last

Enough with that issue, and continue reading this post because we will ensure that this has everything you need to know! We will answer all possible questions in your mind. Let’s start with the opened wine bottles first!

How Long Does An Opened Wine Last?

How Long Does An Opened Wine Last

Naturally, an opened wine has a shorter life span than unopened ones because air has mixed with it already. But, worry no more because it can still last up to 3 days. It will last five days after opening if you store it at a much lower temperature like in a refrigerator.

Moreover, the capability of wine to last also depends on its alcohol content. Wine body is the term used to generalize the three differences between wine when intake, particularly in their alcohol content.

Lighter or light-bodied wines have 12.5 percent below alcohol content. These liquors can go bad quicker than the other two categories. One example is the light red wine that only lasts 2-3 days after uncorking.

Light-bodied red wines like Pinot Noir and Burgundy are preferred to be stored in cold places. You should also consume it after a day or two once you have opened it.

On the other hand, full-bodied wines may become more flavorful when uncorked. That’s why this is not a big problem. These kinds of wines have more than 13.5 percent alcohol content, making oxidation more tolerable.

Hard or full-bodied red wines have more storing capacity than lighter red wines, even if they are opened! You can still drink them even after 3-5 days of opening. Some may still last even after one week. An example of wine that falls into this category is Syrah or Shiraz.

Last on this part of the blog is the medium-bodied wines. These are wines whose alcohol content is between 12.5 to 13.5 percent. Since these are in the middle of the spectrum, these wines would be okay until 2-4 days after opening.

How Long Does An Unopened Wine Last?

How Long Does An Unopened Wine Last

Unopened wine lasts longer! You can refer to their expiry date for expiration too. After all, most wineries include such information in their packaging. If not, blogs like this are here to guide you.

Some labels, honestly, only put the manufacturing date of the wine. You must be an accountable drinker and do some digging for these cases! It is an advantage because not everyone knows that even unopened wine bottles go bad.

Expiration dates are written in packages for a reason; they are not only for displays. A wine will last depending on its formulation too. The expiration is a guide that most manufacturers use to inform buyers that their wine will go bad once they reach a certain age.

For example, you can still consume a red wine even if it has reached its expiration date. However, for only 2-3 years. Drinking it beyond that period might harm you. Another is a white wine that only lasts 1-2 years after its expiration date. Cooking wine lasts 3-5 years, and fine wine is consumable even after 10 years.

Expiration dates are vital in tracking when an unopened bottle of wine will last. But, it is also essential to maintain these wines at their preferred temperature. Only then will the wine taste much better. Ideally, if you buy a bottle of wine, consume it even before it expires. You purchased it not to be ornamental, right?

How Long Does Red Wine Last?

How Long Does Red Wine Last

We used red wines as examples for the previous part of this blog. So, this portion is quick and easy to read. We will only highlight essential points for red wines.

In the correct environment, the shelf life of red wine is typically 2-10 years. Note that this is only for uncorked red wines. The temperature of the room where you stored it plays a crucial role in determining how the wine will change– in texture and flavor.

However, if it is an opened bottle of wine, and is light-bodied, then it will only last for 2-3 days after opening. Meanwhile, if it is full-bodied, you can still enjoy it for 3-5 days. Red wines are great investments if only you know how to preserve them. Now, let us continue with white wines.

How Long Does White Wine Last?

How Long Does White Wine Last

White wines last longer than red wines. You can still consume these even after seven days from the day you opened them. But, you will notice the difference in taste and fruitfulness no matter what. Storing it in the fridge will help in slowing down these changes.

If it is an unopened bottle, serving white wines after 1-3 years of production is still good. The shelf life will be longer if you maintain it in a dark and cold place.

Present drinking it right after you pull it out from the refrigerator. The best thing you should do is store it at room temperature for about 1-2 days. It will enhance the quality of the wine.

Comprehensive Guide On How Long Does Wine Last

See the chart below for a comprehensive guide on how long wine lasts. It summarizes all types of wine, including those not mentioned above as examples.

Wine Type Opened Unopened
Rose wine 5 to 7 days Three years
White wine 5 to 7 days 1 to 3 years
Red wine 1 to 5 days (depends on wine body) 2 to 10 years
Fortified wine One week to 1 month decades
Sparkling wine 1 to 3 days 3 to 5 years
Dessert wine 2 to 3 weeks Five months
Cooking wine 1 to 2 months 3 to 5 years (past expiration)

Again, all wines have different needs. Your goal is to understand these so you can enjoy your wine better!

How to Store Opened Wine?

How to Store Opened Wine

Now that you understand that wines go bad and only last for a certain period, it is essential to know the different wine storing techniques.

In this blog, we will teach you how to store your wine if it’s already uncorked and even if it is still unopened. Remember that these are general techniques; some may vary depending on the wine.

Put the cork back

Wine cork is one of the valuable features that a wine bottle has. It is not there for display! Cork is the upper covering of the bottle. Without it, the exposure of wine to the air is extreme. So, it would help if you put it back after pouring some wine into your glass.

Another important thing about wine corks is the proper way to use them. You can’t just put it back the way you want to. Understandably, it is hard to do, but it is necessary. Here is a hack on how to recork your bottle of wine:

Put it in a refrigerator

Most wines need a cool temperature for better taste. It is the case too for opened wines; they are best when in cool places.

Although doing this will not stop the breaking down of wine properties, still, it will aid in slowing it down. Do not leave the opened wine anywhere. Please place it in the refrigerator until you drink the wine again.

How To Store Unopened Wine?

How To Store Unopened Wine

Prevent sunlight exposure

One thing you should know about wines, especially if you buy them for collection purposes, is that wines love dark places. Do not expose it to sunlight.

Wines would prefer to be in the basement rather than near the window. A vacant room would be ideal rather than an open counter. Light is one factor that changes the quality of the wine.

Steady temperature

The temperature where the wine is should be steady. You can’t keep moving it from one place to another. Temperature swings can also affect the wine quality.

You may wonder why we said you could store opened wines in the refrigerator. The thing is, you won’t put the wine there for a long time– probably only for days or weeks. That is acceptable, but we are not endorsing it for long-term storage of unopened ones. Ideally, the temperature should only be 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Less vibration means safer wine

Did you know that vibration is also a factor that ruins the quality of wine? Indeed, vibrations can cause damage too. So, it is best not to store wines near any vibrating stuff or area.


To prevent consuming wines that have gone bad, knowing when they are still okay to drink is essential. Whether it is opened or unopened, wines have different needs.How long does wine last? The answer is plenty, and each is different!

We also gave you tips on how to store your wines properly, follow them, and don’t waste your precious liquor.

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