Barolo Wine Guide History, Region, Taste, Serve

Barolo Wine Guide: History, Region, Taste, Serve

A special occasion calls for elegant Barolo wine. What is Barolo wine? Dubbed the “wine of kings,” it’s one of the most sought-after wines in Italy. This article will walk you through the Barolo wine’s exciting history and flavor profiles. What is Barolo Wine? Barolo wine comes from the Nebbiolo grape. This red wine hails … Read more

What You Need To Know What Is Sparkling Wine

What You Need To Know: What Is Sparkling Wine?

Shoutout to all our alcohol-lover readers out there! Cheers for the weekend! Though some of us drink the same kind of alcoholic beverage over and over again, we might as well try different kinds of it while we are still young. Let us live our lives to the fullest, right? So the first time you … Read more

What is Sancerre Wine (A Guide to Sancerre Wine)

What is Sancerre Wine? (A Guide to Sancerre Wine)

Sancerre wine might be one of the most popular varieties on the French’s list of wine varieties. With our guide, knowing what is Sancerre wine comes as a breeze. We will tell you about its history and how it is harvested and produced. What is Sancerre Wine? Native to a part of the eastern Loire Valley, … Read more

Burgundy Wine 101 Origin, Sub-Regions, Classifications & Serving

Burgundy Wine 101: Origin, Sub-Regions, Classifications & Serving

Have you ever drunk your favorite Burgundy wine and been curious about what made it taste so unique that you wanted to know more about it? Worry no more because today, we will discover interesting facts about one of the world’s most outstanding wines ever. Are you ready for another wine tour? So, without further … Read more

What Is Riesling Wine (Facts, Trivias, & Food Pairings)

What Is Riesling Wine? (Facts, Trivias, & Food Pairings)

What is Riesling wine? That is the question that’s probably lingering in your mind. Well, you are on the right blog because we will finally put an end to that thought. Here, we will tell you what Riesling wine is and its history. Also, its varieties and characteristics. Information about how it tastes and looks … Read more

Fortified Wine 101 History, Types, Pros and Cons

Fortified Wine 101: History, Types, Pros and Cons

Wine enthusiasts may have known about Fortified wine for some time now. However, it is something they are unfamiliar with for beginners in the wine industry or regular people. This article will answer all your questions like ‘what is fortified wine’ and give you a summary of it. Fortified Wine 101 Often referred to as … Read more

Bordeaux Wine Guide History, Region, Made, Serve, Buying Tips

Bordeaux Wine Guide: History, Region, Made, Serve, Buying Tips

Bordeaux wine. Whether you are a wine lover, a casual wine drinker, or someone who has never tasted wine before, you have probably heard of this wine before. It is one of the most renowned wines, making it easy for this wine to insert itself into the talk at the slightest mention of the grape. … Read more

Malbec Wine Guide Origin, Taste, Style, Food Pairing

Malbec Wine Guide: Origin, Taste, Style, Food Pairing

Malbec is Argentina’s contribution to the wine world. Thanks to this country’s persevering winemakers, we can enjoy a more pocket-friendly yet tasty red wine. You may be wondering, what is Malbec wine? Read on to know the answer and other interesting facts about this South American wonder. The Origin of the Malbec wine Malbec may … Read more

Madeira Wine Guide Made, History, Taste and Drinking Tips

Madeira Wine Guide: Made, History, Taste and Drinking Tips

One of famous wines from the land of Portugal, Madeira takes the forefront regarding the island’s local varieties. If you are interested in this blend of sweet, bold, and acidic wine, let’s get into what is Madeira wine. What is Madeira Wine? Origin Madeira, Portugal Commonly made with Tinta Negra Mole Color Red and Brown … Read more